Consulting Services


Keeping your company compliant, risk managed and audit ready

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

Since it was enacted in 2002, SOX has forced a significant change in the corporate governance and financial reporting requirements of public companies. Presolve Consulting has an extensive background with SOX, including initial SOX implementations, ongoing SOX compliance and evaluating client’s existing SOX programs for compliance overspend and efficiency opportunities. Presolve has a track record of identifying ways to reduce costs while ensuring compliance.  Throughout our engagement, we will help you internalize the necessary practices and habits to get you compliant and keep you compliant.

Enterprise Risk Management 
We know what’s likely to keep you up at night. Presolve will help you address and manage the risks that are preventing your company from achieving its goals and objectives by looking beyond financial risks into all aspects of your business – operations, marketing, business process, strategy. We’ll leave no stone unturned to help ensure your company is solidly positioned for success.

Internal Audit
Presolve can augment your own internal audit department or serve as your internal audit department – our engagement is flexible to meet your company’s unique needs. Rules, regulations and industry trends are constantly in flux, so we stay up-to-date on the changes, bringing our knowledge to bear to keep you audit ready. We’ll bring our professional objectivity to your organization, keeping stakeholders informed throughout our process to ensure full transparency and the delivery of a quality internal audit.

Fraud Analysis & Prevention 
Protecting your company from illegal acts is an area Presolve Consulting is well-versed in. Having a certified fraud examiner on staff allows us to perform a deep analysis of your company’s records to detect, address and proactively prevent fraud. We can assist your organization in establishing internal prevention processes or recommend changes to your existing policies and procedures. Additionally, we’ll identify opportunities for process improvements, including streamlining functions, resolving processing problems and lowering the overall risk of fraud.