About Presolve


Our History

Vision, perseverance and a bit of odd timing.

Presolve Consulting founder Tami French started her career with the Big 4 doing what most fledgling CPAs do – learning, paying her dues and working many late nights. Moving up to a leadership role at a local consultancy was the next step, managing teams and everything from business development, project organization and oversight and keeping clients happy.  Tami was continuing to build her skill-set and hitting her stride.

Then something else hit – the 2008 global recession.

In the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Tami decided to do what everyone told her she was crazy to do – leave her leadership role and start her own compliance consultancy.

Since then, Tami’s focus has been on providing exceptional services to her clients at a great value. And with a compact team of professionals, Presolve Consulting is able to combine the experience of the big firms with the service culture of the small consultancy to help companies adapt, implement and internalize the practices they need to be compliant and audit ready.

She started out big, ended up small – and wants to stay that way.

Presolve brings Big 4 experience to our clients without the size and the associated price-tag; we deliberately keep the scale of our business modest to pass along the benefits to our clients while maintaining a culture of quality we can be proud of.

Our Approach

We’ll help you weave compliance into the fabric of your organization.

Rules are rules. You need to follow them, especially if you’re a public company.

To be compliant, you not only have to know the rules, you have to bend human nature to make sure that as an organization you’re in the habit of following those rules. After all, an organization is only as good as it’s human elements.

At Presolve Consulting, we know the rules. We’ve spent years learning them. And when they change, we’re on it.

We also know how to work with people—not only to help them see how little changes can make a big difference but to get them to embrace those changes and form valuable habits that make the organization stronger. It’s a cocktail of skills: part accounting, part problem solving, part risk management, part advocacy and part process improvement. It’s also about being human, being empathetic, being energetic and setting examples.

At Presolve Consulting we’ve created a firm that does just that.